About Jeffrey C. Isaac

I am a political scientist who moonlights as a jazz pianist and loves to watch NBA basketball, “The Walking Dead,” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” I also love my family.

I am a James H. Rudy Professor of Political Science at Indiana University, Bloomington, where I have taught since 1987.  I served as Editor in Chief of Perspectives on Politics, a flagship journal of the American Political Science Association, from 2009-2017, and in 2017 was awarded APSA’s Frank J. Goodnow Award for Distinguished Public Service to the profession. I’ve published five books, edited two anthologies, and published over 75 articles and essays. And I have taught many truly terrific students who have gone on to do amazing things.

I write regularly for a range of public intellectual venues, including Public Seminar, Common Dreams, Dissent, the NationLos Angeles Review of Books, and the Guardian.

My career as a blogger was prompted by the political rise of Donald Trump, and my book #AgainstTrump: Notes from Year One, was published in late 2018 by Public Seminar Books/OR Books.

I play jazz regularly in Bloomington with my band, the Postmodern Jazz Quartet.

And I live with a Great Pyrenees-Golden Retriever mix named Jessie who keeps me constantly on my toes.

I am very active on Facebook. And I can be reached via e-mail at isaac@indiana.edu.

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