The Spirit of ’76 Roars With a Vengeance

An excerpt from my piece, “The Spirit of ’76 Roars With a Vengeance,” published today at The Constitutionalist, which can be read in full here:

. . . The rhetoric of radical resistance to the “tyranny” of civil rights and multiracial democracy is now the rhetoric of Trumpism. Trump’s echoes of Wallace have long been noted. In April, as COVID-10 was spreading and “Militias Against Masks” were mobilizing “the people” against “tyrannical” Democratic governors, Trump loudly issued a call to “Liberate Michigan” and “Liberate Virginia, and save your great Second Amendment, it is under siege,” an obvious  incitement to violence taken most seriously by those who conspired to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. . . . This is the language of the violent insurrectionists who invaded the Capitol last Wednesday, and who are planning further capitol sieges and invasions in the coming week. . .

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